Barbecue Recipes: Meat, Fish and Vegetables on the grill

Barbecue Recipes


Easy Outdoor Grill Recipes

Is there anything better than a relaxed barbecue on a sunny day?

Summer and barbecue are an absolutely perfect combination. Whether you are at home or on holidays, it's time of grilling! Cooking and eating outdoors makes everyone in a good mood, not to mention that - apart from some small tricks - the barbecue requires no special skills.

If you are making a BBQ for many guests, it's important to care for organization, shopping, preparing the menu, which should include various types of meat or fish, vegetables and cheese to cook on the grill.

Discover our collection including some of the best recipes for grilling and many tips for cooking every kind of food on the barbecue and amaze your friends. Learn how to make the perfect barbecue marinade and discover many original bbq recipe ideas. Starters, beef, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, veggies, and even dessert!


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Articles about Barbecue Recipes

Tips for Barbecuing

  • Vegetables for those on a diet, fish for the most refined, sausages for those with no line problems: whatever you taste, the barbecue is a delicious meal, as well as an opportunity for meeting and outdoor fun. But perhaps not everyone knows that the observation of a few rules will make your grill still healthier. We recommend to read them carefully. 
  • Never make a BBQ in too small spaces and in any case always place a bucket full of water, or even better a fire extinguisher, next to you. 
  • To turn the grll on do not use gasoline or similar substances since they are extremely dangerous. The meat to be cooked on the barbecue will be more flavorful if previously marinade. 
  • While cooking, don't stand too close to the grill since the fumes emanated contain a dangerous quantity of dioxin. Breathing the barbecue smoke  for a couple of hours is equivalent to smoking 220,000 cigarettes! 
  • Prepare any marinades and sauces before. 
  • If there is honey or sugar in the marinades, then add them at the end, because they burn easily. The most typical sauce for grilled meat  is definitely the BBQ sauce.
  • Pay attention to the wood you use: it should never be too green.. The cherry or chestnut are ideal for red meat; the olive tree is perfect to grill fish and the pear tree for lamb. 
  • All cutlery should also have insulated handle. Use fireproof gloves. 
  • If you use wood skewers, put them them in water for at least half an hour.  
  • When the food is ready, make sure to remove any bunt parts, that are carcinogenic hydrocarbons that could be harmful to the stomach wall. Nitrites are partly degraded by nitric acid contained in lemon, therefore it is good practice to add some lemon to food cooked on the barbecue.
  • And now it's the time to tidy up: fire sterilizes, yes, but the grid has to be washed. Cool it with a jet of cold water, then rub it a little with a wire brush and wash it with warm, soapy water to remove any residual food. 

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