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"Pecorino di Filiano" is an Italian sheep cheese hailing from the Basilicata region, in the South of the country.

This hard cheese is made by draining the curds in typical straw baskets, visible in the woven pattern on the finished wheels of cheese. Then, the Pecorino is aged for 8 to 10 months in natural caves, during which it gains a sweet and robust flavor, with nutty notes and a sharp finish.

Our Pecorino di Filiano is made at Pietra del Sale, where the proprietor has dedicated his life to the production and sale of traditional authentic foods. Thanks to his passion for the bounties of Italian gastronomy he produces delicious Pecorinos and goat cheeses, in which tradition and innovation are perfectly balanced.

One of his masterpiece is Pecorino Canestrato di Filiano, a DOP cheese made with the sheep's milk of the local Razza Gentile heritage breed.

Pecorino di Filiano: Tips, Info and Recipes

Organoleptic properties

Aspect and texture: semi-hard hard unctuous paste with tiny eyes.

Taste: rich, tangy, nutty nuances.

Serving suggestions

Full bodied, aged, red wines. Fresh broad beans and peas. Oranges and figs. Quince chutney.


Raw sheep's milk, salt, traditional rennet, cultures

Serving suggestions

On a cheese plate with honey or fruit.

Cheese pairings

Wine: Rosso Piceno, Sangiovese dei Colli Pesaresi, Sangiovese di Romagna.

Beer: trappist beers.

Jam: apricot jam.

Honey: acacia honey.

Recipes with Pecorino di Filiano

... and more recipes with Pecorino cheese!


Our online store offers a unique selection of artisan sophisticated European and Italian cheeses, all with a unique flavor and inimitable. Our cheeses are selected according to the criteria of quality, uniqueness and absolute respect for the environment and for the cattle.
Our care in the choice of specialties with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin is a guarantee of the highest quality of the processing methods used, which are the result of customs and practices adopted over the centuries in different regions of Italy and of Europe in the art of dairy production. Our selection includes milk cheeses as diverse as: Cow, Goat, Sheep and Buffalo, to meet the tastes and dietary needs of all cheese fans and consumers.

We personally know all our cheese manufacturers and suppliers. This help us to monitor them constantly. Every type of cheese is selected and tested by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the dairy industry, as the Romans said in the “ars casearia”, that is “the art of cheese”.

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