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10 Zero Waste Food Recipes: Cooking with Waste and with Taste

cooking with vegetable wastes

If you love cooking and are trying to reduce wastes in the kitchen as well as to save money without renouncing to gourmet recipes, zero waste cooking is the solution.

Cooking is Therapy: 6 Tips to Relax in the Kitchen

genuine food

Cooking is therapy. In particular, if you do it with your partner, with a group of friends or with your family, it helps to allay anxiety and relax.  Here are some useful tips.

Val d'Orcia and Pienza Pecorino Cheese: the Excellence of Tuscany

Pienza, travel Tuscany

Walking through the ideal city of the Renaissance, tasting Pecorino cheese and discovering what to visit in this unique Tuscany village.

3 Cheese and Vegetable Combinations for 6-Month Babies

Baby vegetable and cheese purees

Is your baby  halfway to a year already? It 's time of weaning and starting a slow transition to baby foods. Here are 3 healthy veg and cheese combinations for your 6-month baby.