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Which wines go well with truffles? A guide to the best pairings

wine and truflles pairing

After spending a lot on good truffles, pairing them with a bad wine would be a real pity. So let's find out how to create the perfect truffle and wine pairing.

Baked Polenta Bites and Parmesan Crisps: a Yummy Appetizer!

polenta cubes appetizer with parmesan crips

An easy Italian-style appetizer: yummy polenta bites and Parmesan crips to be served with a good Gorgonzola sauce and a glass of red wine. You will adore it! 

Libum Bread Recipe: Back to the Romans!

libum roman bread with rosemary

Let's discover a fantastic ancient roman dessert recipes: the Libum, an ancient roman cheesecake recipe to serve in place of bread.