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Baking with Oil Instead of Butter for Healthier Recipes

ingredients for no butter baking recipes

Cakes and other sweets very often require the use of butter. Yet, did you know you can replace butter with olive oil in baking? Here are our tips and suggestions.

Easy Fruit Jam & Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

yogurt and fruit popsicles

These easy homemade fruit jam and jogurt popsicles are really yummy, perfect for a healthy snack for children, but exquisitely good even for adults!

The West Coast of Sardinia: the Sinis Peninsula, its Beaches and... Bottarga

Mari Ermi beach, West Sardinia, Cabras

Discover an unusual destination, the Western Coast of Sardinia: golden and sandy beaches rolling into incredible cliffs that dive in a pure blue sea, protected areas and... divine food!

The Benefits of Eating Olives Every Day

green and black olives

Are olives healthy? Discover the characteristics of green and black olives and all the benefits of this fantastic Mediterranean food for your health.